Andrei Konchalovsky’s PARADISE has potent opening weekend.

Holds own in crowded holiday season marketplace.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Runs extended, screens added in second week of Canadian release Montreal/Toronto/Vancouver - Venice Silver Lion winning holocaust drama from Russian master Andrei Konchalovsky, "Paradise" proved a winner in its first week of release, exceeding opening weekend expectations and adding screens as it goes into its 2nd release weekend. November 24 "Paradise" will starting in Quebec, December 1 - in Ottawa, already planning release in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, etc. Also film got additional screens in Montreal and Toronto.

 "Paradise" grossed over the three days on 4 screens $CAD 15,073 ($US 11,845) - that almost five times surpassing the US opening weekend ($US 2,401). Just for the first week in Canada  the Konchalovsky's film has surpassed the total box office in the US for 7 week ($US 14,522) - $CAD 20,681 ($US 16,252). Canadian start also has the best screen average than release in US and France (where the film also opened  in the same weekend on 13 screens / $US 17,102), and the best average among limited releases in Canada.

Despite direct competition from studio juggernauts and Awards season contenders, "Paradise" proved its moving story and masterful filmmaking could connect with audiences in the art house market, as well as Jewish and Russian communities nationally. Critics also warmed to the film with rave reviews in The Toronto Star, National Post, Le Devoire,, Montreal Gazette, Canadian Jewish News, Georgia Straight, Cinetalk, etc.

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The Georgia Straight

Janet Smith

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

★★★★ Arrhythmia feels authentically Russian

"Arrhythmia feels authentically Russian, but it works because its characters and their struggles feel so relatable and universal.."...→

Always good movies

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

★★★★ Arrhythmia

"Feeling as emotionally strong as conceptually simple, “Arrhythmia” was handsomely crafted with powerful, thrilling scenes, showcasing not only a Russian medical predicament but perhaps even a worldly one. There’s optimism as a response to the imperfect world it describes, and genuine love seems to be the global solution.."...→

Revue Sequences

Élie Castiel

Thursday, November 16, 2017


"Paradis demeure une œuvre majeure dans la filmographie d’un metteur en scène octogénaire qui a encore plusieurs choses à dire."...→

National Post

Chris Knight

Friday, November 17, 2017

★★★★ Andrey Konchalovskiy is on an upswing with the fulfilling Paradise

"The director introduces an interesting framing device, interviewing his main characters dressed in plain clothes and facing a camera, the full significance of this reality-show type setup only becoming apparent at the end of the film. Long before that we’ve figured out the movie’s thesis, but knowing it doesn’t make it any less fascinating, or fulfilling."...→

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